It’s flu season: check up with Windows Live Safety Center

This past weekend, I started looking at some of the different ways Microsoft is working on improving your experience with your computer. I featured initial looks at OneCare, Windows Defender, and yesterday on the affects of spam.

For my next trick, a general look at securing your PC through Windows Live Safety Center, a new, free service (in beta) designed to help ensure the health of your PC. 

Windows Live Safety Center

 Safety Center

On the site, you can run a service scan that will check for and remove viruses on your computer, improve your PC’s performance and help to get rid of junk on your hard disk. You can run a full service scan to check everything, or target the services to meet your specific needs (to protect, clean up or tune up your PC).

Reminds me of the old Adam-12 TV series, where the motto “to protect and to serve” was prominently featured. I wonder if Scott Charney or Mike Nash were ever extras in an episode…

Additional, handy links:

  • Here’s a link to our corporate site on protecting your computer experience at home, whether your surfing the web, staying in touch via email and IM.

  • On the section, you’ll find that there are a number of newsletters available, covering the Windows OS, Security at Home, Office and more. As an added bonus, when you do sign up for a newsletter, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win an Xbox 360, a Dell Axim X51v Handheld, or Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition. (Disclaimer: see the site for more details.)

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