Busy week… up for air with Best of CES ’06 & MacWorld

Reviews at work pluslots going on at home has kept me busy this week, keeping me off my blog. So a quick note with a link to CNet’s Best of CES 2006. The very slick and responside Creative Zen Vision:M and the innovative Pioneer Inno satellite radio receiver I get, ‘though I was surprised that the Toshiba HD-DVD player wasn’t selected over the Blu-ray offering from Pioneer, especially with the Xbox announcement (re: HD DVD support).

Also worth checking out: the CNet CES Buzz Blog, PCMag’s CES 2006 coverage, PCWorld’s CES coverage and a host of reviews and articles from Slashphone.

And for those of you (like me) with an interest in following announcements at MacWorld Expo (heck, I did it just to enjoy the clear weather) see Jobs’ Keynote address at Macworld, Macworld magazine’s best of showarstechnica’s keynote coverage (along with their witty report) and ZDNet’s Macworld coverage.