Sharing is good: creating OneNote pages with others

In a meeting recently, I found that you can share OneNote notebook pages with others to create a collaborate OneNote page. When you share, several people can be on the same page at the same time. I also use IM during a session, which allows me to prompt others to take over or chime in on a point, helpful when you’re tag-teaming a presentation during a meeting or LiveMeeting session. I haven’t done this outside the office, but will try it next week during a meeting as I connect with remote users (using a strong password, of course).

In addition to the Introducing OneNote page, I find Crabby’s introduction to OneNote to be a refreshing reminder of the power in this app.

Courtesy of Office Onlline Assistance… to join or start a shared notebook session:

  1. On the File menu, click Share with Others.
  2. In the Share with Others task pane, click Join a Session or Start a Session.
Click here to learn more about shared note-taking sessions