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As a friend just found with some issues Xbox 360 Live account activation, a reminder that Xbox Customer Support can be reached on-line at

And if you run into a hardware problem, call 1-800-4myXbox or go to If the problems can’t be immediately resolved, you’ll get detais on how to ship the console overnight to a repair center, and Microsoft will ship it back once it’s fixed or ship a replacement.

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I bought this system less than a year ago and it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. After going on line and trying to fix the problem myself by unplugging all of the cords and then reconnecting them, I contacted customer support to see if they had a solution and they are now telling me that I have to send the console in for service fee of $100 give or take. I do not mind sending the console in, but I don’t see why I should have to pay out the additional money for a device that I’ve already spent $400 on, which was supposed to be one of the more superior electronic gaming products on the market. I want this unit repaired and I will not pay for it. I don’t mind shipping it to you, but if your product can’t hold up for longer than a year than you shouldn’t be in business. I guess that would explain why you only have a 3-month warranty, is this purposely done to continue to rape the consumer out of their hard earned money? Please get back to me ASAP with a solution that does not require me to fork out more money. Please have a supervisor with some type of authority contact me. I will forward this message to your corporate office as well.

Extremely Unsatisfied,

Kristina Brucker

Hi, Kristina – Although I’m not with the Xbox 360 support group, I have sent you a mail to get more information about the issue you noted in the post. As noted online, "After the Warranty Period has expired, Microsoft may charge you a fee for its efforts to diagnose and service any Xbox Product-related problems." This could be the fee you’ve noted. (The warranty for the product is noted online at

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