It’s Alive: Windows Live and Office Live

If only this had hit yesterday (Halloween) then you could have made some great classic film noir references, back to the days of the scientist yelling “it’s alive!” Only this time it’s Windows Live… and Office Live.

If you missed it, this morning we announced a company-wide software-based services that helps to create a seamless consumer experience, and held a technology preview of two new service offerings: Windows Live and Office Live.  Some of the new Windows Live offerings are accessible on-line at This is a great way to see our efforts in several on-line businesses come together which shoudl dramatically impact customer satisfaction in a positive way. 

And the work in Office Live, targeted at small-business customers (sign up at, provides new internet-based services designed to help companies break out on to the Internet, provide improved collaboration and manage several key productivity tasks through subscription-based services. Initially, Office Live is targeted at small businesses, and can be integrated with Microsoft Office.

You can read the full press release here.

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