Start.Com is elegant and nimble

From Scoble’s Blog… Is Jason Fried’s brother and sister working at Microsoft? (Hadi Partovi, what are you thinking?)

“Today I found out the truth. You let this thing ship with only two people working on it. With no testers. No document people. No marketing. No PR…. What are you thinking? They are weird animals: they are focused on shipping software that makes users smile.”

I love and have been using it for a couple of months, but just found this public blog entry WRT their development process… (sorry I skipped a couple of Scoble entries this summer… 😉 

Anyway, I knew that Start had been launched by a small team, but of greater interest to me has been the number of times over the last couple of months a large number of people across the company have played the story of Start (and other MSN innovations like paid search) back to me. They look at these efforts as beneficial examples of nimble innovation.