Phishing: don’t get caught by screen scrapers

Last week in an EWeek article on phishing, it was noted that screen scraping attacks are becoming more common in scammer’s schemes to subvert sophisticated security systems. (Say that five times fast.) MSN has a page with more info on battling phishing.

In Canada, screen scraping is what we do to the front storm door after a major snowfall. But I digress.

And talk about safe: look at what’s coming in Hotmail (beyond the headers on my mails today noting that the various “official comminications” I receive from eBay and PayPal are actually from some phisher in far-off-I-don’t-know-where): Kahuna. Techweb reported last week that the beta test program for the new Hotmail had been expanded to the general public, which provides a new GUI and features for Hotmail users. (More on this “Mail Beta” is available on this MSN Site.) Imran’s blog with a reference to Kahuna was also mentioned in the Techweb article.

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