Tschuess, John Canning from Media Center

A quick note on my friend John Canning (Media Center Evangelist extraordinaire), who left Redmond recently for the wilds of Southern California. (The first link is to part one of his Channel 9 interview on Media Center… here’s part two.) I had the pleasure of working with him in HED prior to his move to the eHome team in Windows Client (I followed a short time later to Client).

John has been traveling the world as a tireless customer advocate and promoter of the benefits of time-shifted television. This is a guy who at the mere sight of customers would drop all he was doing and kick off a Media Center demo with the remote in hand.

Now he’s making the most of his experience in producing online stories and venturing out with another company (nameless for this entry), working as a Field Producer and Product Manager. He said that he has planned trips to Switzerland and the Eiger… and I’m looking forward to his installments.