Your questions: With SAP and Microsoft partnering, where do I go for Duet support?

DuetContinuing my effort to cover at least one customer and partner challenge or issue per day, today, it’s about Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP. (Also, info is available on Duet here on our main website.)

Duet is a solution from Microsoft and SAP that enables seamless access to SAP business processes and data via Microsoft Office, revolutionizing how information workers interact with enterprise applications. (More details are available in this overview on our main website.)

Who is providing support for this solution? This from the support page in the link at left…

"Since Duet was jointly developed, it will be jointly supported. Support will be provided by a joint team from Microsoft and SAP and centralized in two locations that will serve the Americas and EMEA markets. If a customer purchased Duet from Microsoft, the first-level support (logging the initial question) will follow the Microsoft Customer Support Services escalation procedures. Second-level support (implementation and use questions) will be done by the joint co-located teams. Third-level support (break-fix) will be completed by back-end experts from each company."

Get that? Duet is jointly supported by both companies.

If you’re a Duet customer, you should get support through the company from which you acquired your licenses. For Microsoft, Duet customers may visit the Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP Support Services Web site for more information, or as your Technical Account Manager if you have one to open a support ticket. Our teams work closely together with SAP and also address customer issues jointly when the need arises. More information is available in the support frequently asked questions.

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