RSS feed reader blues? Get your feed in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365

ICYMI, Google Reader, Google Voice App for Blackberry, Google Cloud Connect, and Snapseed Desktop are shutting down. Hilarity ensued on the Internet with the melt down on social media over the change. As Danny Sullivan noted here, “Google should have done better by Google Reader & Google users than to bury its closure in a “spring cleaning” post.”

All the talk about RSS Readers reminded me of how important it is to listen and respond (this from 2011 via TechCrunch).

But I digress.

If you’re impacted by this announcement, have no fear: there are options, many great options.

First off, Good advice from Sara Hevans (@prsarahevans) on how to backup your Google Reader account

Once you’ve backed up, you’ll need a new reader.

With all these options, you may already have an option on your desktop: you can also use Outlook in Microsoft Office to subscribe to an RSS feed as noted here.

So if you’re looking for RSS subscription and management? our own Office 365 Home Premium has that:

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Get Outlook 2010 SP1 for displaying two separate time zones in the Calendar

Want another reason to install Outlook 2010 SP1?

In Outlook, you can display two separate time zones in the Calendar. This allows you to see your local time zone and the time zone of a city that you often travel to. When you travel to that other time zone, you can use the Swap Time Zones option to change the position of the time bar in the Calendar. Using the Swap Time Zones option in Outlook 2010 results in unexpected behavior.

This issue is fixed in Outlook 2010 SP1 and Microsoft recommends that customers download and install this service pack to avoid this problem. Customer who have not yet installed Outlook 2010 SP1 can find a work around for this issue in Outlook 2010 in the KB Article 2507003 Using Outlook 2010 Swap Time Zones to switch from non-DST to DST Time Zone does not enable DST in Windows.

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