Analysis: Gartner says 1 billion PCs in use today, 2B by 2014

We already have one billion PCs in use today according to many estimates (including Forrester’s forecast last summer of one billion PCs in use by the end of 2008).  The numbers are ahead of schedule, given that Microsoft predicted 1 billion Windows PCs by 2010 back in July of 2004.

Now, the news today stems from an interesting article via Gartner, predicting two billion PCs in use by 2014. a full year earlier than Forrester’s forecast of when we’ll hit the two billion served mark.

What will the average PC of 2014 look like?

Back in 2003 I presented at a conference and suggested that the PC of 2008 would be a multi-processor, 8GB machine with a 200GB HDD, DVD-multi optical and integrated web cam and telephony for under a grand (US$).  I’d be willing to guess that by the time our eldest makes it into senior high school, he’ll be taking a light and sleek slimline, multicore notebook with slot-loading DVD, wide screen display, 16GB or memory and a 256GB SSD drive… all for under $1,000.

But… his main device will be a phone.


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