How do I change the power option settings for Start button in Windows Vista?

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"How do I change what the start menu power button does in Windows Vista?"

Click on the Start/Windows icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen and type "power options" in the <i>start search</i> text field.  This will take you to Control Panel\Power Options. 



imageClick on Change Plan settings under any of the listed, selected plans, and then click on Change advanced power settings, which opens the Power Options window. 




imageUnder the Settings look at the Power Buttons and Lid selection and you can customize the settings for how your PC reacts when you press the Start menu Power button. 


More information on the power settings is
available here on the Microsoft Answers site, as well as on the Windows Vista Help pages>Windows Vista Help pages</a>. There are also several third-party tutorials are available on the Internet.

Hope this helps. 


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