My life as a customer, part 2: Three red lights flash on my Xbox 360 Ring of Light (again!) RROD much?

rrod013109Sitting down with a glass and a controller in my hands, I logged into Xbox Live for a post getting-the-kids-to-bed Xbox 360.

Ooh, that’s a new screen.

Turn off the non-responsive Xbox 360.


Another Groundhog Day: it’s Saturday night, after the phone agents are gone at 1-800-4MY-XBOX, but you can now you can initiate a repair ticket online at and even print a shipping label directly from the Xbox Support Web site. image

To start the repair process, first select the console that you want to have repaired.
If the console that you want to have repaired isn’t listed below, either the console is not registered or your console is not registered to the Windows Live ID you are signed in with.

Printing the label should reduce the time to have the console repaired. Luckily, I have an Xbox 360 shipping box from the last time I returned a unit for repairs.

I sympathize with any other customers running into this failure over the weekend.

I’ll update this post as I follow the repair process.

Update 22:35: Error message using the information that was pulled up from my Windows Live ID….

First correct the following errors and click submit

  • Invalid characters found in first name.

Uh, no, I don’t think so.  But we’ll try something creative to get around the problem.

Thank you, your repair request is complete!

Note to self: send message to the Live ID team about recognizing names with alphanumerics.  I know three or four people that this ‘bug’ impacts.

You selected to ship your Xbox console using an e-label from UPS. Please check your e-label to ensure that your shipping information is correct before printing. Once you print your e-label, affix it to the box you are using for shipment of your console.

Printed, packed and ready to go to the Xbox Repair Facility… on Monday.

Update 020209, 8:00h: The Xbox will soon be winging its merry way to a repair centre somewhere far south of here. I received an automated mail from “Xbox_ AOC Web EN” indicating that “it will take 2-3 Weeks to return” the unit to me. Clock’s ticking…

Update 020909. 08:30h: An automated message from the Xbox 360 Service Center…

Good news, we have received your Xbox console at our Service Center.  You can track the status of your order online by accessing You will also receive an e-mail notification when your repair has been completed. Thank you for your patience.

Update 020909. 08:30h: Exactly 24 hours after the last email, I received an automated message update An automated message from the Xbox 360 Service Center…

We are happy to share with you that your service request is completed and your Xbox console is now ready for return shipment.  We will e-mail you again with the shipment tracking information when your Xbox console has been shipped.

Update 020909. 08:30h:  Received an update by phone today from UPS alerting me that our package will be delivered tomorrow, along with the UPS tracking info.  We found that the unit left Texas on February 11…

REDMOND, WA,  US  02/16/2009  7:34 P.M.
HERMISTON, OR,  US  02/16/2009  3:08 P.M. 
SALT LAKE CITY, UT,  US  02/13/2009  5:17 P.M.
COMMERCE CITY, CO,  US  02/13/2009  4:07 A.M. 
SALINA, KS,  US  02/12/2009  10:08 A.M. 

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