Post a few more signs

Ok, so we’re taking the family out for the day to Bainbridge Island. On our way to the terminal, we noticed that we encountered not just one or two signs that ensured we stayed on the right route to the terminal, we had more than eleven signs (we lost count) directing us…


Of course, due to a glitch in the boarding, we missed our ride and now lunching in the parking lot while we wait for the next departure.

Seeing the signs reminded me that you can’t have enough signs pointing out the right direction to help reassure you that you’re on the right path and ultimately find what you’re looking for.

I had heard from customers in the past that it was difficult to find out how to get support and more information n our products and services. yesterday a customer mentioned to me that the Windows Vista page and our customer support site (as mentioned previously here) have made it easier to get their questions answered. all we had to do was leave enough breadcrumbs in various places to make the resources more discoverable, and simplify our support portals.

But we probably have to put up a few more signs to help everyone find their way to the port, er, web portal.

[edits: fixed all the typos, as this was one of the first long posts sent from my Windows Mobile phone.]

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