Good or bad customer service? Just tell Tom @ InfoWeek

This week Tom Smith of InfoWeek writes in his blog post Does Customer Service Still Exist? 

Sounds familiar. 😉

“In its June issue, Consumer Reports notes that, with the exception of Apple, Best Buy’s Geek Squad scored higher in PC problem resolution than the manufacturers of the PCs themselves. “Independent services trounced all Windows PC manufacturers, who solved a measly 59% of problems. … By contrast, independent tech support services affiliated with major retail chains … solved 84% of users’ problems with Windows-based PCs,” the report states.

“Think about that: The companies that make the PCs are able to solve customers’ problems with their own products fewer than six times out of 10, while independent services do so more than eight times out of 10. It raises the question: Is the tech industry at all capable of providing decent customer service?”

He asks for end users for the best (and worst) companies when it comes to providing customer service, and what works (or what doesn’t). Focused on the personal computer and technology space, particularly enterprise IT product companies. “I’m just as happy to report on standouts as laggards, but we can’t do so without your input.”

 Visit the blog and let Tom knw what you think. I’m compiling posts from my request to readers last week of your experiences with customer service agents and will post them on the blog later in the week.

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