Bill and Steve (Jobs) together at D5: will we see an Apple TV Ad brought to life?

In case you missed the news, eWeek’s Joe Wilcox asked “What Would You Ask Bill and Steve?” referring to next week’s Wall Street Journal All Things Digital – D5 Conference May 29-31 in Southern California, “where Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs together will answer questions on the same stage. Will it be showdown or hoedown?”

The two founders will be together on May 30; Microsoft’s own Steve (Ballmer, that is) will present at D5 in a seperate segment. See the official press release for more.

I noted that CBS President Les Moonves and director George Lucas will speak at the D5 conference, but where’s ABC’s Robert Iger? Or Anne Sweeney, president of the Disney-ABC Television Group? As I noted previously, Ms. Sweeney and one of the forces behind ABC’s move to provide free, ad-supported ABC shows via the Internet?

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And Fred Gibbons writes in his post “The Mythic Wars of Competition Between Bill and Steve” about IBM’s introduction of the personal computer in 1981, comparing these two founders to “the equivalent of “Star Wars,” with Bill as Darth Vader and Steve as “the Force,” but some people thought of Steve as the quirky Yoda.”

Funny, I’ve never thought of Steve as Yoda. Han Solo, maybe… but not Yoda.