Friday humour: found furnishings

OK, this on is not exactly found, but I got a kick out of this post on this post today on boingboing…

The simple mould of SOFA BRICK enables manufacture from various materials. For example, cork grains will offer a soft, comfortable brick.

It doesn’t compare with how creative we were when I first left school in my first job: my first apartment was furnished with pieces we’d constructed from milk crates, bailing wire and foam, covered in remnants. What it lacked in style it provided in places to sit and lounge. And now, that’s considered an art form:

Milk Crate Club Lounge – Furniture: Aug 5, 2005

Designer Stefan Lie pays homage to the “great Australian milk crate” and uses discarded and recycled materials in the process. Made of 20 milk crates, themselves made of recycled plastic, and held together with twist ties, it’s all covered with discarded advertising billboard vinyl upholstery. It’s the art installation feel of the piece that grabbed me.

Club Lounge? I had a couch, tables and much more.

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