AppleTV… er, iTV coming soon: new Apple Announcements

iPod nanos 

As I mused in my guess on Apple’s next “showtime”, Apple did announce today an upgrade to iTunes, some new iPods (including a new iPod, iPod shuffle and iPod nano) as well as a device to stream television programming to the TV with Apple’s “iTV”…

“… customers can purchase and download [programs] to watch on their computers and iPods, and soon on their flat screen televisions with Apple’s upcoming iTV* player. Movies will become available on the iTunes Store.”

“* – the project’s internal code name and will not be the final product name.”

I was really hoping that we would see something more breakthru, perhaps a new subscription service for TV shows (a la Rhapsody) delivered to your TV via a new Apple device. No new iMacs or Mac minis with TV tuners, no improvements to Front Row.

I’m looking forward to a new family of appealling, media-savvy Windows Vista Media Center based devices over today’s Windows Media Center 2005 (which I like and use), supporting the Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender. 

With a nod to the new iPods… My son — he’s 8 — announced last week during a visit to CompUSA that he’s now saving up his money for a new Zune device. This from a boy who was all geared up to buy a Nintendo DS or a Creative Zen media player…

Zune logo

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TWICE reports Zune for $299 in three colours

In TWICE today, the magazine reports that the first, new Zune players will be available this fall in three colors with an SRP of $299:

“Retailers who have been briefed by Microsoft told TWICE the player will offer Wi-Fi capability, but will require that the portable be connected to a PC for the actual purchase of songs…

“Both retailers said the player would incorporate a 30GB hard drive. One said the unit’s display screen would be larger than Apple’s iPod models. The retailers were pleased with Microsoft’s feature-per-price package.

“One retailer also said that Microsoft plans to continue to support its PlaysForSure licensees, even while it launches its own media Web site and sells its own digital media player, effectively competing with these same licensees.”

On colours, I’m guessing blue, red and black. I’d like to see a silver Zune. (What, no white? ; )

And what about subscription services? Still no official word, but I know that if I can’t access my Rhapsody To Go library, personally I’ll be dissatisfied.

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