About me

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I previously led the worldwide Customer and Partner Experience effort at Microsoft, working with our field sales, support, operations, product engineering and marketing groups across the company in our effort to improve the overall customer and partner experience and satisfaction. I joined Microsoft in 2001, lured to the shiny object that was previously known as the Entertainment and Devices division in Mountain View, CA. I then moved to Redmond in 2003 to join the Windows group, and in 2010 moved to the Office division. In 2015, I took on my current full-time role to work on customer experience and understanding, and took on the worldwide corporate responsibility in 2019. More information is available on my LinkedIn profile.

The title of my original blog at Microsoft was a play on Morgan Spurlock’s film ‘Super Size Me’ which chronicled the month he spend eating only McDonald’s food, documenting the impact of the lifestyle on his health. My intent was to transparently share some of what I learn on the job at Microsoft in product engineering as we conceptualized, developed, and released products and services with a focus on the customer impact. I’ve included many of those earlier posts here.

I spent nearly 20 years in Silicon Valley in executive and senior management roles in product management, development and business operations roles at several media and entertainment technology companies. Prior to joining Microsoft, I was Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Replay TV, and previously held senior management roles at Digidesign/Avid, 3DO, Autodesk, and Pinnacle Systems/Avid.

After the primary importance of my family, I believe strongly in personal relationships, the benefits of mentoring, innovative technology and helping to grow people and companies. An avid maker, I enjoy spending time with my wife (thank heavens she tolerates our maker spaces) and our kids, particularly important as our boys now have moved far beyond riding bikes with training wheels.

And yes, on the name… it’s really my name. Truly you didn’t think that I would make up such a thing, did you? (My grandfather and father are Millard Sr. and Jr. repectively, and my father named me “MIII” — I take creative license with the Arabic ‘3’ 😉