It’s two… no, three blogs in one: the new Windows Blog

You can now knock a couple of blogs off your reading list.

No, they weren’t tossed – nor did the blogger go on permanent holiday as some are wont to do – but a couple of our Windows blogs were merged into the new Windows Team blog, with (as Brandon says)…

"… sporting an all-new look and feel reflecting Windows in a broader sense instead of a single Windows release. We figured it was time to give our blog a good facelift (it’s looked the same since we originally launched in October of 2006) – especially as we start talking about Windows 7, Windows Live, and many other interesting Windows topics. Our old design focused strictly on Windows Vista. Our new design is no longer tied to a specific Windows release allowing us to talk about a wider range of topics."

The Windows Team BlogWe’ve had two blogs hosted together on the same site, the Windows Vista Team Blog and Windows Experience Blog.  Now it’s all just one big happy blog family on The Windows Blog.  

You’ll find the above two blogs as well as a new third as of today: the Windows 7 Team Blog. You can sign up for RSS feeds for the individual blogs or just get the main The Windows Blog RSS feed, all from the following links.

· Windows Vista Team Blog | RSS Feed

· Windows 7 Team Blog | RSS Feed

· Windows Experience Blog | RSS Feed

· Front Page | Main RSS Feed

And a quick quote from Margaret Getchell: Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.

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