Do you have (HP) Voodoo Envy yet? You may soon enough

Over lunch before my 2PM meeting… more on the new HP HP Voodoo Omen and Envy from Engadget…

HP Voodoo Envy 133

Envy Side View“You think we’re tired of Omen and Envy 133 yet? Fat chance. That LCD-bedecked desktop behemoth and thintop contender (pictured) are both quite a new direction Voodoo, and their launch seems particularly good timing given Dell’s apparent reshuffling of its XPS and Alienware lineups. But forget market appropriateness, let’s concentrate on the sexy…

Yes, let’s. 😉

You’d think that I was a shill for HP today, but no.  It’s just exciting to see some great, new PC form factors coming form our hardware OEMs that are really appealing.

We’ve had a couple of HP computers at home, and my son has a large screen notebook for his game programming, video editing and whatever-else-10-yr-olds are doing with PCs (that parents manage and monitor with Windows Live OneCare Family Safety ;).  Still, I know that a number of people have been looking for new notebook PCs that leverage Vista and are very mobile.  With the attention drawn to the MacBook Air, we’ve since seen a couple of new entrants to the PC space that are svelte and, well, sexy, like the Lenovo X300

And now the Envy, complete with a backlit keyboard and integrated web camera, removable battery, Ethernet (built into the power brick, on the floor, thank you), USB and External SATA ports, built in 802.11n Wi-Fi and more.  Plus, an SSD-equipped model is coming this summer.

Voiodoo main siteFor a broad selection of features, price points and designs, I’m impressed with the latest announcements and sure that we’ll see more as we move through the summer and into the fall with back-to-school, and then the holidays.  Add to the Envy the new HP Voodoo Omen: as macnn reported, the new Omen has been “revamped” and targeted at high-end gaming and workstation customers…

“The full tower is based on an extremely minimalist, Mac Pro-like aluminum chassis headlined by a 7-inch secondary display used to display either useful information such as news or game stats as well as to play music and videos. An internal redesign also makes it extremely quiet, Voodoo boasts. In addition to one of the first uses of a quad radiator, copper pipes are built directly into the case walls, while the mainboard is rotated 90 degrees so that heat naturally flows upwards, reducing the strain on the components inside.”

See Engadget’s gallery of Voodoo Envy 133 images for more…

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