ZD eSeminar for SMBs on Migrating to Vista

Maybe this is more appropriate for TechNet and the IT Pro community, but here’s an interesting upcoming eSeminars with Aaron Goldberg.  Aaron was at the research firm IDC for many years 15 years, most recently as SVP of Desktop Computing Group.

The eSeminar is Migrating Your SMB to Vista – The Top Things to Know Before You Start


Windows Vista has created a huge amount of emotional commentary, focusing on a lot of topics, but not nearly enough on what it means to your Small or Medium Sized business. This eSeminar will focus on the real issues that you need to be aware of as you plan your migration. First to identify what the real benefits are for your organization, the top concerns that you need to plan for in terms of making sure it goes smoothly, and what tools and resources are there for you.

[Disclosure: The eSeminar is sponsored by Toshiba Corporation]

Apr 17, 2008
4:00 p.m. Eastern / 1:00 p.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes

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