Your questions: What’s the difference between a Windows PC and the new Windows Home Server?

I received this question (thanks, Mark) about the new HP MediaSmart Home Server

“What’s the difference between my current PC (with Windows Vista) and the new Windows Home Server from HP?”

Good question.  As noted on our site, Windows Home Server is software that enables families with multiple PCs to easily connect their digital experiences, providing a reliable and familiar way to protect, organize and share treasured digital images, music, video, and documents.  Lots of hardware OEMs and System Builders are offering the new product (see below for a few links).

And one that’s been answered on the Windows products web site

“Windows Home Server works with the Windows XP or Vista PCs in your home. Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista Home Premium are designed to run on personal computers and provide acquisition and management of media, such as TV programs, music, and photos. Windows Home Server is designed to make managing a home network, with Windows XP PCs and Windows Vista PCs, easier and more automatic. It does this by acting as a centralized place for storage, enabling remote access and providing automated backup for all PCs in house.”

On a related note, I saw that a number of retailers and etailers will be getting the new Home Server in stock this week, from Amazon, BestBuy,, Circuit City, NewEgg and others.  Devices are available from Iomega, Fujitsu/Siemens, HP, Maxdata and Medion among others.

Additional information:

HP’s MediaSmart HDTV for Video, Music, Photos, Online Media – HP Home

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