Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.

There are times when we hear that something isn’t possible, that a schedule can’t be met, that there’s not enough time, there aren’t enough resources or that’s not my job. (I’m saying in general, not at Microsoft 😉 

There are two stories that I have followed over the last few months and years, respectively, stories that make you think and put things into perspective.  When I drift into thinking that something is too hard or I think that I don’t have enough time, lately I’ve thought of these stories.

The first of a little girl, Gloria Strauss of Seattle, with the weight of a horrendous disease balanced by the love of her family and a community, meeting every day as best she could with grace and strength. The stories ran and can be found in the series linked to A prayer for Gloria | Gloria was more than just a story (Seattle Times series) from last Sunday (September 23, 2007) by reporter Jerry Brewer. “The series has been an authentic portrayal of one family’s fight with cancer. Gloria succumbed to neuroblastoma, a confounding and vicious disease, but her family rejoices despite their sadness.

The second is of Sam Sullivan, the mayor and native son of Vancouver, who is paralyzed but not confined by the bounds on his wheelchair, and works hard each day to make his corner of the world a better place… from the article in the Times, Maverick Vancouver, B.C., mayor faces Olympic-size challenge, by Greg Bishop today (Sept 30, 2007). “Sullivan is very visible as mayor, and residents have few reservations about stopping him for a word or two. Sullivan struggles each morning to get out of his bed and into his motorized wheelchair…”

Yes, there are many stories that can inspire, frustrate, frustration, disappoint and enlighten. Not necessarily about faith or beliefs, but about what can be accomplished. As Jerry Brewer, the reporter that chronicled Gloria’s effort to battle cancer, wrote…

“I’m so sad that Gloria is gone. She’s helped me re-examine my own spirituality. She’s helped me learn how to love better. She’s shown me what true commitment is.”

Given the recent untimely passing of Marc Olson from the Office team, old friends such as the truly irrepressible Christopher Bock and far too many others, I remind my kids (particularly my nine year old) that time is too precious to waste. 

Make the most of time: I often quote the throw-away line from Willy Wonka “Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.”

I’m going to help the kids with homework now, and make the most of this rainy afternoon.

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