Of Interest: Jim Allchin blogging on Vista

If you haven’t seen it on the, Jim Allchin (Co-President of the Platform and Services Division) is blogging now. From Jim:

“Welcome to the new and improved Windows Vista blog.  A few months back, I pushed our team to bring the blog from the blogging Dark Ages into something a little more modern.  The blog back then wasn’t quite doing the job.  Postings were infrequent, and the site wasn’t particularly helpful.

“In May, the team really turned the corner and today we’re launching the newly updated look and feel.  I hope you’ll agree it’s a big improvement.  It incorporates some key parts of the Windows Vista visuals.  We’ve also improved the organization of the site, so things should be easier to find.  The team’s providing great information, and I’m happy to see the comments and feedback from the community through the comments on the site.  I read these regularly, as do many others in the Windows leadership team, so please keep the feedback coming.”

The feedback is heard, circulated, shared and acted upon. I think that you’ll see more concrete examples in the weeks and months to come as Vista roles out.

Of further interest: see the interview with Jim on channel9.

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