Eating Dogfood with Energizer, link to case study

We often talk about the importance of eating our own dogfood. See this article from News.Com on “Managing desktops the Microsoft way,” which describes the effort Microsoft took on to manage desktop PCs at Energizer. Steve Ballmer discussed the effort last year.

“Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in an e-mail interview before the company’s partner conference last year that the effort would not be limited to just Energizer.

“There will be a few others, where we will mirror our own internal IT environment, running the technology hand in hand, as opposed to being a step removed,” Ballmer said. “We’re going to test this out and see where it takes us.”

“In a case study posted to its Web site last month, Microsoft characterized the Energizer effort as a work in progress. It said it is still in the pilot phase of some projects and has only partially completed other efforts, such as desktop management work and a move to SharePoint-based portals.”

Although News doesn’t include the link, you can find the case study here, on the Microsoft Customer Evidence Search Site.

For more on how we do things internally, there’s also this interview from TechEd 2006 with our Ron Markezich, CIO and VP of Managed Solutions, as well as the CIO Webcast Series.

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