Windows XP can be a good option for Win98 customers

Earlier I blogged that support for Windows 98 was coming to an end.

Last week the Washington Post reported that this would affect “more than 70 million Windows users” who would “no longer be eligible for software security updates.” Although some people differ with the estimate, let’s just assume it’s still a lot of people: I know several people with computers running Windows 98SE and they’re quite happy with the set up: there was no compelling reason to upgrade to Windows XP.

That was, until I sat down with one person (over the phone today during lunch) and ran through the Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade Center with them. This is a site where you can check your PC to see if it’s ready for Windows XP, how to qualify for an Upgrade and ensure that your hardware and software are compatible.

In one short visit, they found that their PC would run Windows XP Home Edition without a problem (‘though I recommended adding more RAM). They already have a large-enough hard drive (from a recent upgrade a year or so ago) but are now considering adding a second drive in the empty slot for files, photos and music.

Total bill for their upgrade? After doing a quick search on the web, they ordered the upgrade for less than $100.

And all in under 35 minutes.

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