Friday Link: Update on Typing Monkeys

My first post on this blog included a reference to the story of how long it would take a number monkeys to type Shakespeare…

“For what it’s worth, I hope that you get something out of these musings. (And I vow to eliminate the terms ‘cross-group’ and ‘strategic initiative’ from my vocabulary.) We’ll see how long it takes the monkeys to type out the blog entries.”

So a ‘thank you’ to the reader who sent me this link

“… when six monkeys at the Paignton Zoo were given a computer for a month, they didn’t come up with Shakespeare. They didn’t come up with a single word. All they produced were five unintelligible pages. This result has been perceived by many as proof of monkeys’ inferiority to humans. I don’t see it that way, and think the monkeys deserve another chance.

“Maybe it won’t be Shakespeare, but given a fair chance, I see no reason why these monkeys won’t be able to grind out TV reality shows. Unless they’re already more evolved than that.”

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