Vista Specs: eWeek reports on what’s coming

I’ve posted in the past about ensuring your hardware is ready for Vista.

Today, EWeek reports that…

“The effort, which comes ahead of the annual WinHec (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) that in 2006 kicks off in Seattle on May 22, will include the unveiling of a Get Ready Web site, which play host to an application that can assess PCs’ readiness for the OS upgrade.

“Microsoft will also unveil of a set of minimum PC hardware specifications for systems being upgraded—some of which call for 1GHz processors and 1GB of memory allotments for certain machines—persons familiar with the plan said.

As noted in a related story, Gartner recommends Intel’s chip sets for desktops (the 945G) and mobile PCs (in the 945GM):

“Those chip sets, which now come in mid-to-high-end PCs and notebooks, are expected to support both WDDM drivers and Aero, Gartner surmises, provided that the right type of memory is present in large enough amounts.

“Gartner recommends that corporate buyers specify, at a minimum, that their desktops include the 945G chipset, a Pentium 4 processor and at least 1GB of RAM, while notebooks start with a Core Duo processor, the 945GM chip set and 1GB of RAM.

“Technology-minded buyers looking for greater performance, particularly in notebooks, should look at stepping up to 2GB of RAM and a discrete graphics chip, the firm said.”

As I mentioned previously, re: the Windows Vista Capable PC Program, I’ll stick by my plans for at least 1GB of RAM and at a minimum a 128MB graphics card, bu I expect that by this time next year we’ll see great deals on 256MB, multifunction graphics cards. 

“Microsoft has communicated a large part of the hardware requirement information in advance. But the May 18 announcement is expected to make it official.”

So watch the site today for more details, and next week during WinHEC.

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Microsoft now published the hardware requirements for Windows Vista. Most of the information is already available for sometime. As usual, it is advisable to just double the "official requirements".
The other question is whether

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