Back to the Future: a look at Bill Gates’ last day at the office

A quick note: Thanks to Toby for sending over a link to this video clip from BillG’s keynote last night, with a look to the future: his last day at the office.  (Friends on my concall right now should enjoy this one. 😉

a look at Bill Gates' last day at the officeMicrosoft chairman Bill Gates presents a self-deprecating farewell video during his keynote address at the CES 2008 in Las Vegas.

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Technical “Deep-Dive” LiveMeeting today on DST and Time Zones

In about an hour’s time, we’ll host a Technical “Deep-Dive” Webcast…

Monday, September 24, 2007 at 2:00pm Pacific

This LiveMeeting Webcast will be hosted by members of our Microsoft DST Team (Joel, Steve, me and a cast of many on the Question Manager), to provide a technical overview of resources available to help prepare Microsoft products for the change to Daylight Saving Time and time zones around the world. It will cover the core scenarios where the Outlook and Exchange update tools should be used, in addition to helpful links to patches and other information relative to other Microsoft products affected by the DST changes.

Click here just before 2PM PAC today:


Available now: Webcast Live Meeting on-demand from September 14, 2007…

An overview of DST, Microsoft resources, impacted products, updates and tools. Click this link to view this web cast now.  Click here to watch this recorded LiveMeeting.

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New extended tech chats on daylight saving time 6am-6pm Pacific

As I noted previously, we started hosting technical chats on daylight saving time on thursday. Now we’re hosting daily chats starting tomorrow and through March 13th:

2007 daylight saving time transition Q&A

Description: The change in start and end dates for daylight saving time in 2007 requires users of Microsoft products to assess their technology environments and utilize the updates and tools available to make the transition. Join members of the daylight saving time team who will be online to chat with you about your specific questions. For more information on Microsoft technical chats, visit

NEW! Dates and times available:

  • February 24 – March 13: 06:00 A.M. – 06:00 P.M. Pacific Time

  • Chat Room URL:

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    Microsoft IT webcasts on daylight saving time posted, links to upcoming DST webcasts

    Our public webcast of last Tuesday on how our own IT group is handling the changes related to daylight saving time is now available for public access here.

    We’re also offering a series of new webcasts over the next two weeks to help organizations preparing for daylight saving time: this is part of our “step-by-step” program on making the DST transition. Geared toward IT Professionals, we’ll walk through a general overview of DST and the impacts and solutions for Windows, Outlook and Exchange. You’ll find a list of these upcoming webcasts upcoming DST webcasts here, where we also include a few archived, on-demand webcasts.

    This session is offered live on multiple dates, each beginning at 12:00 noon Pacific:

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    Video clip: Microsoft’s Rich Kaplan on daylight saving time changes

    Our own Rich Kaplan on the local ABC news covering the upcoming daylight saving time changes.

    “Of course, it’s likely not everyone would take that step, said Rich Kaplan, a Microsoft customer service vice president who oversaw the company’s Y2K efforts and heads daylight-saving preparations. Hence Microsoft’s advice to be cautious about meetings between March 11 and April 1.

    “Because if one person applied the update, and one person didn’t,” he said, “you could end up there at the wrong time.”

    Click here for a link to the video story on KOMO TV’s web site:

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