Shuttle rides, waiting for meetings, and other places: articles and posts I’ve read

On Shuttle rides, my WindowsPhone keeps me in touch and busy… And it tells me where my next ride is. What it allows me to do is to catch up on articles of interest and Tweet or post about what I’m reading. (And when I’m waiting in someone’s office for their meeting and I know they’re on Twitter, they can see I’m waiting for them… if they subscribe to my posts 😉 With work, I’ve had less time to blog publicly: that’s a choice, particularly as I’ve been busier than ever the last few months. (And, some would argue that unless you have something of interest to say, keep it to yourself.)

But on the last shuttle ride today, I ran into a friend from another side of the campus, who asked if I was “still keeping up that blogging thing. I enjoyed your weekly reading list.”

OK, so to kick off the blog and my Commitment to step up my game in 2013, here’s an installment of “What I’ve read” recently, and posted about on Twitter. You can find a complete list on my twitter stream and in my favourites.

Via @EverythingMS: Teenagers: Apple no longer cool, Microsoft Surface is in

Having great mentors, cabinet helps link

Several slim PCs to choose from. My wife has a sleek model from Samsung link

Via @_craigk: You can put this reality distortion field in my living room right over…there. #IllumiRoom

Via @Competia: Reading: Why entitled millennials and their enabling boomer parents just can’t quit each other link

Via @CNET: The best new gadgets at #CES in every category

Via @zephoria: I’m glad to see the @nytimes pay homage to @aaronsw’s accomplishments and struggles:

Via @guardian: The inside story of how David Bowie made The Next Day  (via @GuardianMusic)

Via @BradSmi: Spoke @enterpriseSEA event #EFCSeattle Need for change w/ #STEM edu & high-skilled immigration reform

To @tom_peters five minutes… then lather, rinse and repeat? Excellence as a habit comes with consistency and repetition link

Via @marypcbuk: Oracle must up its security game. With widespread adoption comes Spiderman levels of responsibility link

Via @ForbesTech: XBox is winning the living room wars. Here’s why.  #ForbesGreatestHits

Usually, Big Bird at an event is a plus: @deantak has five weirdest things @VentureBeat saw at #CES2013

This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For: @whitehouse comments on the Deathstar petition

Via @wmpoweruser: Evernote for Windows Phone updated, business features added

Via @SFGate: U.S. government tells computer users to disable Java.

Via @mahoekst: Windows Phone 8 security overview  Nice read! #wpnl #wpdev

The 100 Days Project and a Definition of Creativity via @erinjo

Weekend reading: make time for “The Anti Meeting Culture” by @docjamesw

Disruptive Trends to Watch in 2013 via @HarvardBiz

Via @aaronecarroll: Me over at @CNNOpinion: America flunks its health exam

I asked presenters to describe issues to their audience as if talking to a 5-yr old. Now I tell them to explain as @neiltyson would (link to the tweet)

Via @nytimesbits: Information Technology Dividends Outpace All Others

Via @On_MS_Products: Tablets started out as a consumer business priority but that’s changing quickly

Via @geekwire: Microsoft: Big possibilities for IllumiRoom technology

Via @VisualStudio: Really good Info for Windows 8 apps: a lot of icons are available out of the box –

Via @CNET: At #CES, two HP laptops do Windows 8 right  #2013CES

Via @MicrosoftEMEA: Steve Clayton shares why natural user interface is much more than touch and gesture

Via @wired: Recent Top Stories: CES Day 3: Curved TVs, Handheld Microscopes and Tablets Big and Small

Via @ryanday: More than 1/3 XBox Users Engage With Interactive Ads:  @MSAdvertising

Via @KevinRemde: TechNet Radio: Cloud Innovators: How Datacastle uses Windows Azure to Protect Business Data :

Pogue on the Microsoft Surface Pro: “it changes the game”… “a home run” –

Via @CNET: Lenovo’s 27-inch Horizon Table PC walked away with a #BOCA for best PC at #CES. Here’s why:

Via @bizspark: What’s the difference between Azure and AWS?

Via @edbott: Odd. Not a single mention of Gorilla Arm in this @pogue post:

Reading “Brussels takes tough stance on Google” in @ FinancialTimes

Reading: @clairesuddath @BW writes about something I know well and need: Rejection Therapy 😉

Via @whymicrosoft that should be: how we help #parents create a #healthy computing environment for their #kids:

Via @sylviebarak: Video: Intel’s CES press conference highlights:  via @eetimes

Via @DrRez: New Post from Lync team Blog: Client Side Recording: Lync 2013. #Lync #UC #Microsoft

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