Top 10 little known Microsoft facts

A little fun on the shuttle today, via Twitter…

Top 10 little known Microsoft facts:

# 10: There is no building 7, but Devs like to schedule meetings with new PMs there

# 9: Xbox was originally “Microsoft Interactive Audio Video Multiformat Entertainment System 2000” 😉

# 8: Microsoft’s leadership in tech slogan, code-named t-shirts was recently lost to Old Navy

# 7: Microsoft Mice are built by actual mice!

# 6: @CraigyFerg’s new robot sidekick beat out three Microsoft robots: J, M3 and K7

# 5: I’m actually an autoresponding, Alexa-like MSR project. How’s that for innovation? 😉

# 4: @ckindel’s new start up? confidential but I bet it has something to do with the new Tin Tin movie

# 3: @mrelph was originally a member of Canada’s Department H, working with Wolverine

# 2: yes, we have excellent engineering systems, and cricket bats are used to closely manage schedules

And the number one little known Microsoft factoid:

# 1: one way to solve the debt crisis? Get @fxshaw: he does “the numbers”! (See


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