Need DTV transition help? Zenith provides Help Guides for Last Mile of the Digital TV Transition

Clip art from Microsoft Office OnlineOf interest today from The Morning Bridge, a news feed of coverage of what’s happening in multiplatform companies (across cable, satellite, telco and wireless operators), Zenith provides a "DTV Help Guide" for the last mile to the Digital TV Transition in the States…

"With less than two months to go until the final digital television transition cutoff date (we hope), converter box maker Zenith has introduced an online connection guide to help users get their set-top boxes set up correctly in time for the switch.

"The site — accessible at and (guess which one is in Spanish) — features step-by-step set up instructions for connecting a box to a TV, along with troubleshooting information and a FAQ. The site also includes links to other DTV-related resources like for help with signal reception, antenna compatibility and other issues."

As you likely are aware (and as noted on the web site) broadcast television in the United States will move from analog and to a digital broadcast format bo later than June 12, 2009.



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