There’s a good chance your next computer will be a notebook

Unless you are buying a workstation-class comuer for development or high-end use (video gaming, video editing), chances are that your next computer will be a notebook. And for most consumer purchasers, this seems to be even more likely.

The industry analyst isuppli reports this week that they estimate that PC shipments will rise worldwide in 2007 given the demand for notebook computers this year.

“Following stronger-than-anticipated shipments of notebook computers in the first quarter, iSuppli Corp. has upgraded its 2007 PC shipment forecast. iSuppli predicts global PC shipments will rise to 264 million units in 2007, up 11.2 percent from 239 million in 2006. The previous forecast envisioned 10.7 percent growth for the year.”

iSuppli said that notebooks should make up nearly 40% of all new computer shipments this year.

My completely unscientific straw poll over the last few weeks of neighbours and friends found that nearly all of them are thinking about getting a notebook computer as their next PC. The exception? Customers considering a new PC that has Media Center capabilities (such as with Windows XP Media Center Edition or Windows Vista Home Premium) complete with a TV tuner card.

The numbers break out about two-thirds of people are looking for a new notebook with a dual core processor, and the bulk of the rest looking for a quiet, family room or home office PC that provides TV DVR and entertainment content management.

Almost none of the consumers I’ve spoken with said that they were looking for a new computer without these capabilities. 

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