My guess on Apple’s next “showtime”? Front Row with DVR reports that Apple Computer has invited the press for a “Special Event” next week in San Francisco. News and most reports following Amazon’s’s Unbox Internet movies and TV show service guess that…

“The early bet seems to be a new movie section for the iTunes store, perhaps accompanied by that “true video” iPod that has been in the rumor mill for several months.”

My guess is that Jobs will have ‘one more thing’ in addition to the obvious: a subscription service for ABC shows delivered over a new AppleTV (video over IP) adapter. That, and a new iMac and possibly Mac mini that include a TV tuner (the later with a USB 2.0 adapter) with a new version of Front Row that extends the media experience to digital video recording… and shares the files with other Macs in the home. Just like Microsoft has with Windows Media Center 2005,  Windows Media Connect 2.0 and the Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender. 

People have tried it before. (here, too )

Then again, maybe not.

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