Friday Link: What does satisfaction have to do with the milkman?

This past week has been busy — even with the school holiday — so what time I’m not spending on work I spend with the kids. We have a number of year-end and next fiscal year things in play, so I have a feeling April will me a light month for postings.

But that doesn’t leep me from mentioning the series that MSNBC has on their Take 3, this month with a look at Vanishing America. This week Take 3 features a look at a vanishing breed of people who interact with customers one on one, from a home-delivery milkman to the newspaper carrier to tupperware.

OK, so what the heck does this have to do with satisfying our customers and partners?

Some of the messages I found in the clip on the milkman applies to so much more than just delivering dairy products. It talks about personal service, customer interaction and satisfaction: simply, if you are going to survive, you need to provide a level of service and personal touch that adds incredible value.

More on that later. Now back to my regularly scheduled meeting.

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