Malware is deadware with MWMSRT…

My kids clicked on some crazy web page yesterday and installed a piece of software that just wouldn’t uninstall. (Note: I remembered today that I could’ve booted in safe mode and then unistalled the #$%&ware, but with two screaming boys scrambling for the PC you don’t always think clearly…)

Call out the dogs: the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool on the MS website checks computers running Windows XP (as well as Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003) for infections. I ran it last night and poof, no more malware.

Very cool.

(While you’re at it check out the AntiSpyware beta which I found worked well and was easy to set up.)

What I found interesting while looking though the parent’s guide on (which I like) was what they said about…

What 5-6 year olds can do online
Kids at this age may be very capable at following commands on the computer, using the mouse, and playing computer games. They are, however, highly dependent on adults or older siblings to help them find Web sites, interpret online information, or send e-mail.

Huh? My 4-yr-old easily heads off to PBS Kids, Nick Jr and other sites without so much as a holler. Once he starts to type the first couple of letters, IE autofill takes over…